Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 16: More Sightseeing.

It’s Monday and we have planned to go to the Exploratorium this morning, so get the car and drive over to the Palace Of Fine Arts.  Arrive and find it’s closed to the public on Mondays. 
Should have read the back of the tickets!!

Back in the car and drive off to Twin Peaks to get a view of the city. 
Market Street

Golden Gate

 After some photo’s, it’s off to Fisherman’s Wharf again to go to the Aquarium on the Bay.  This is also part of the CityPass.  We look at the exhibits upstairs and then off down to the tunnels, but wait, there’s a hitch.  Only lifts down, so Denise can’t come, but we get a text to say staff have taken her down the stairs and we meet up with her. 
We go round the two tunnels, but the moving walkway is not working :-(
It’s back up the lift for two of us and the stairs for the other. 
Nice sunny wharf area.

We have really nice fish and chips for lunch down on the wharf and it's all tastes better as it's lovely and sunny.

Back to the car and off to the hotel.

Off to see The Smurfs at the cinema this afternoon.  Walk down to the Embarcadero for the pictures.
Much cheaper than the UK again.  Only $50 for 3 for 3D and juice and sweets.

After the moves, predictable, but all good fun we head back to base.

For tea we walk up to Chinatown again and get a take-away.  Chinese in cardboard boxes!!  No foil or plastic tubs for America.  Nice rice and Sesame Chicken and Chow-Mein.

Watch a bit of TV after our tea and then  off to bed.

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