Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 15: San Francisco More Sight-Seeing

Up early again and have breakfast the the room.  We head off over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. 

Park the car and go for a walk along the shore.  We grab a tea from a Starbucks.  Whilst sitting watching the bay, we notice a father and son fishing.  The son is trying to land a fish he has caught.  It turns out to be a small shark!  It looks like a Dogfish to me.
A bit overcast today.

Looking back over the bay.

Surf's up!!


Off to the car and onto John Muir National Park.  It’s heaving as it’s a Sunday.  The nearest parking space is nearly two miles away, so we give this up as a bad idea and head back to San Francisco. 

More of the bridge.

Just like a smaller version of the Forth Bridge, but in red!

 Stop at iHop on the way back to have lunch.  Yummy!

Back to the hotel and have a bit of shopping round Union Square. 

Off to Alcatraz for the night tour.  We were advised to be there an hour early as the marathon had been on, but arrive and find no diversions, so have ages to wait on the ferry. 

The ferry does a quick tour of the island and then it docks.  The boat is split into 3 groups and we are in the middle one.  Our guide takes us up the hill stopping on the way to give us some information, but really it’s just to stall us for the audio tour.  At the top we get our audio tour and start it.  It’s busy going round the jail.  Because it’s summer it’s not dark and as scary as we thought the tour would be.  The audio tour has changed since our last visit.  It does miss a few things out now though.  The exercise yard is closed.  We finish the tour and have a wander and purchase a few items in the shop before walking down to the dock to wait of the ferry home.  10 mins later we’re back on land and walk to the car and back home to the hotel.
Getting closer.

Alcatraz Lighthouse.

I see lots of cells.

The morgue.

Shower room!

Typical cell.

Bad Boy wing & Solitary.

Gun tower at the dock.

Reminants of the Indian Occupation.

Looks very run down for a major tourist attraction.

Looking back to the city.

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